Sarkodie went behind me to take GHC120,000 for the Glo concert after we agreed on  $150,000 – Shatta Wale opens up

The once unbreakable bond between Ghanaian music heavyweights Shatta Wale and Sarkodie has been marred by controversy and discord, leaving fans wondering what exactly led to their falling out. 

However, Dancehall singer, Shatta Wale has finally spoken out about the cause of the fallout in a Twitter Space with media personality, Serwaa Amihere on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

According to the ‘Ayoo’ singer, the catalyst for this rift traces back to the historic Glo Mega-Concert that took place on October 25, 2018.

An event of colossal proportions, it would come to be a pivotal moment in the relationship between Shatta Wale and Sarkodie.

As two influential figures in the Ghanaian music scene, their collaboration and unity held considerable weight.

Both artistes agreed to demand a sum of $150,000 for their performances in the Glo deal after an initial discussion. The unity in their financial ask spoke volumes about their camaraderie and shared goals.

However, the story took an unexpected turn when it came to the execution of the deal. Sarkodie, for reasons that remain private, decided to accept GHC120,000 (approximately $20,000 less) from Glo.

The gap between their initial agreement and the final settlement became a seed of discontent.

“They paid him like GHC 120,000 but we had agreed on $150,000 and this matter is from 4-5 years ago so when I heard it, I was like I spoke to this person a few days ago so I called him and I asked him and he said, Yes, they’ve paid us good money but I told you they can pay more even in dollars,” he disclosed

Adding fuel to the fire, the organizers seemed to undervalue Shatta Wale’s contribution, offering him $131,000 instead of the originally proposed $150,000.

This move was a stinging blow to Shatta Wale’s perception of his worth and his position in the industry.

A Fissure in Friendship

What ultimately drove a wedge between the two music giants was their divergent responses to this disparity. Shatta Wale had advocated for a boycott of the show, considering the lower offer as an affront to their value.

In his eyes, unity should have meant solidarity in negotiating their worth. Unfortunately, Sarkodie chose a different path and went ahead to perform at the event, accepting the offered amount.

Shatta Wale’s disappointment and frustration found an outlet on social media, where he voiced his discontent.

This public display of discontent marked a point of no return in their relationship. The repercussions continue to be felt not only within the music industry but also among their devoted fan bases.

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