Apakye, Your Moda: Shatta Wale Insults Stonebwoy’s Mother At Abeka Sallah Fest

The rivalry between Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy appears to be far from ended, as the dancehall artists have recently been involved in a controversy.

The founding member of Shatta Movement performed at Abeka Sellah Fest 2024 held at ‘Sakasaka Park’ which was a huge success because to the large number of fans in attendance.

While fans hailed his spectacular performance, Shatta Wale took a moment to address the absence of his rival Stonebwoy, who was also scheduled to perform but did not show up.

Shatta Wale referred to Stonebwoy as “Apakye,” which literally means ‘cripple,’ in a derogatory comment and chastised him for failing to keep his commitment to the event.

He then expressed his frustration, labelling Stonebwoy “Ignominious,” warning him against any jealousy-fueled confrontations, and threatening to physically attack him if provoked.

Many fans, particularly Bhim Fans, are expressing their thoughts on why Shatta Wale may have gone too far in spewing such negative remarks at their boss.

They further said that Shatta Wale is completely obsessed with Stonebwoy and cannot stop talking about him.

In their justifications, SM fans also supported Shatta, noting that Stonebwoy executed the same act at his album launch last year.


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