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Video: Kuami Eugene blasts Ghanaians for not supporting him in the music industry

Kuami Eugene lambasted his fellow musicians in the music game

Reigning Artiste of the year at the VGMA, Kuami Eugene has recently lambasted his fellow musicians in the music game that they don’t support each other with their social media platforms.

Well, it has been observed that most Ghanaian musicians don’t support each other’s craft. I don’t know if it is out of jealousy or pride. There is some kind of disunity in the music industry. You barely see another Ghanaian musician promoting his fellow’s craft.

In a Facebook live video, Kuami Eugene expressed his displeasure on why some musicians refuse to support their own with their social media platforms.

Eugene explained that even those who do so use their Instastories instead of the main page just because of greediness and fear for competition.

He also touched on how people hate and tend to speak ill about him as well as how some female artistes tend to get attention only after they post their nude.

We are still looking into what triggered his anger last night.

Earlier, Samini also said similar by urging Ghanaians to promote Kelvynboy’s ” Black Star” just as they promote Wizkid’s “Made In Lagos” album.

Watch the video below:


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